Silver And Photography

January 28, 2018

Photography has been the ultimate tool for capturing a moment in time and to contemplate it days or even years later.

Photography dates back to the Camera Obscura, which was a dark chamber that replicated a scene on the outside and projected it on the inner face through a pinhole. It allowed artists to trace out a scenery with the right proportions. In those days, we didn’t have the ways to directly « save » an image on a support.

In 1826, Nicéphore Niépce took the world’s first picture using a sheet of paper coated with a Silver based solution. The Silver chloride would then react to light and retain a black and white image (Now I’d love to do that in chemistry class...). Later on, George Eastman would invent Kodak and the Roll Film. And that would be the beginning of Photography.

Today, our cameras are equipped with electronic sensors (replacing the film) which assign each spot of light to a number. And all that makes it easy to take a selfie, obviously! (Not easy with and heavy classic camera ;) )

Digital has allowed us to discover a totally new face of photography for better or for worse. It has increased chances of image manipulation but has permitted us to experiment without running out of film.

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